Since 1986, REPPLUS market shafts, mechanical heads and mechanical-pneumatic system for the winding and unwinding industry.

Products and services

Unmatched quality

Produits Repplus arbre pneumatique industrielOur Machined Products
We realize and market all kind of airshafts for the French and European market.
The design department realizes the design of the airshafts on a CAD software.
A plan file is attached to each of the clients and results from a sending of a diagram made by the technical salespeople.
These plans are then archived on paper and computer.

Produits Repplus arbres industriels sur-mesureTailored
We can find spare parts for any type of airshafts, REPPLUS or not. We are always present to meet your expectations.
We design tailor-made airshafts adapted to your needs. We advise you on all the parts you need for the design of a project requiring airshafts.

Produits Repplus négoce de pièces industrielles joints rotatifs éléments de serrage capteurs de force et guidage de bandeTrading pieces
Since 1989, we are distributor of the German company MAIER, manufacturer of rotary joints, for the French market only.
We also distribute clamping elements under the TRK brand and have gained experience in this field since 1986.


  • After-sales service of all the equipment we sell
  • Repair or maintenance of REPPLUS airshafts
  • Repair or maintenance of any other airshafts
Any repair will be preceded by an estimate and a prior acceptance.

History of Repplus

Winding and unwinding solutions since 1986

Since 1986
REPPLUS sells airshafts and pneumatic chucks for the unwinding and winding industry.
In 2001
REPPLUS invests in machining machines with the aim of controlling quality and turnaround times.
In 2004
The company is moving and doubling its area to increase its production capacity.
The company doubled its surface area by expanding the workshop area and investing in new machine tools to meet new productivity needs.
In 2016
The company is taken over by Erik STEBLER, who will succeed his father as the head of the company. Today, has a team of 13 persons, owns 8 milling machines ans desrves all over the Europe and the world.