Since 1986, REPPLUS market shafts, mechanical heads and mechanical-pneumatic system for the winding and unwinding industry.
Mechanical and mechanical-pneumatic shaft
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Tailored and manufactured products
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REPPLUS products

Designed, manufactured and tested in France since 1986

The method office realises the conception of our shafts using C.A.D software.

A drawing-folder is created for each customer after the reception of his own drawing or according to the information collected by one of our technical salesman.
Watch our "know-how" with this exploded view of an expandable airshaft.

A very fine control of the concentricity and sealing is made for each manufacturing and for each shaft.
An engraving of each shaft allows to keep a durable tracability of our products.
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Other products

Certification and distribution by REPPLUS

In 1986 Dominique STEBLER founded the company which traded the air expanding shafts for the winding and unwinding industry.  In 2016, the company is taken over by Erik STEBLER, who will succeed his father as the head of the company. Today, has a team of 16 persons, owns 8 milling machines and serves all over the Europe and the world.
History of the company and "know-how"


Europe partners

Repplus is active worldwide and especially in Northern Europe. We can deal directly with some countries like Germany or Switzerland, but also through distributors.

We attach great importance to exports which represent approximately 20% of our turnover. Our sales department and our method office are at your disposal for any type of request according to a plan established by your company or to be carried out by our services. We can make an offer with one drawing.

Looking for a solution for winding and unwinding reels? Repplus brings you a strong knowledge and experience in that filed.
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