Since 1986, REPPLUS market shafts, mechanical heads and mechanical-pneumatic system for the winding and unwinding industry.

REPPLUS products

Air shafts, chucks, heads, accessories...

Discover our range of products that we manufacture for A to Z.
We can supply all spare parts for your shafts. You will can repair yourself with them. Flat or cylindric air tubes, rubber or aluminium key..
  • Documention Repplus - Solutions pour l'enroulage et le déroulage de bobines
    Weight : 1 Mo
Airshafts or chucks with strips
Manufactured mainly with our anodized aluminium profile
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Airshafts or chucks with lugs
Airshafts with central bladder
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Shafts and mechanical heads and mechanical-pneumatic system
Ø 70 to 300mm
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Differential shafts
To unwind or rewind reels from differents sizes
Leaf shafts and leaf chucks
With or without pinch system
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Rubber air chucks
Ø 70 to 400mm
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Safety chucks with automatic locking system
With or without hard-wearing parts
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Triggers, valves, blockers, keys, bladders, springs, rotary joints...
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