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Rotary Joints from Maier

Component to transfer fluids from stationary supply lines into or through rotating machine parts


Rotary joints from MAIER are components connecting stationary pipes to rotating rollers and tables for transferring media under pressure and to heat or cool a system or to feed the media through for process. Rotary joints are designed for cold and hot water, steam, hot oil, hydraulic oil, air, chemical media, coolant, vacuum and temporary 'dry run' applications.

  • MAIER is specialist and technology leader for rotary joints (rotating unions) to connect pipe systems to rotating rollers and units for transfer of media under pressure and temperature like water, steam, thermal oil up to 400°C, air, coolant, hydraulic oil, vacuum. In more than 50 years they have developed technological knowhow and built up global presence.
The highest quality and reliability has been achieved thanks to decades of experience in that field.
  • REPPLUS is the exclusive dealer for the rotary joints of MAIER in France, since 1989 : We are able to give you our help and support for choosing the right product according to your needs.

The product range

Inside diameter for the fluids : from 6 to 450 mm

More than 1000 standard products and more than 1000 special solutions are available with an inside diameter from 6 mm to 450 mm, for most of the fluids.

Several technologies are used in order to center the mecanism, either with ball bearings or carbon sealing rings / carbon bushings.

Different factors such as flow rate, pressure, speed of rotation, have to be taken into account to determine the perfect rotary joint.

Please contact us : we will help you to choose the best rotary joint according to your needs.